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What is a Diablo 3 Bot?

Tired of paying 12 bucks a month for mimic bots? Well if any of you have ever played Diablo 3, you would know that it takes a huge amount of your time to grind gold, grind monsters, and complete quests. Remember when you first started playing diablo 3 you were having so much fun? You would wake up in the morning excited to log on and complete the normal level of Diablo 3 where rare items were scarce. Well since you’re reading this at this exact moment, you’re probably way past that point in the game where you are excited to farm and obtain items. You probably know that killing monsters now require you to purchase pots quite often and demand a chunk of your time teleporting back to town then back to your designated farming zone. Not to mention the amount of time it takes for you to walk back to your spot after you have died. If this is you than you are most likely looking for a program that automatically does all these time-consuming tasks for you while you spend your precious time at work making money.

If you’re decently far into the game, you know that killing monsters are not easy compared to as if you were in normal or nightmare. In difficulty levels such as hell or inferno, you tend to die more often and become more frustrated with the game. You either want to just pass the main quests and advance onto the next difficulty level or stumble upon that rare item that you heard your friend got. You might also just want to accumulate gold and buy that item that you’ve have your eyes on for quite some time now. If this is you, you came to the right place.

Unlike bots from mimic, we do not require you to pay that twelve dollars a month for our bot but instead, we want you to have it for free. Like most of you out there, we also struggled to find free time so that we can farm and grind all day long. Not only was time an issue, we have also gone through all the obstacles that Diablo players out there stumble upon. Problems such as not having enough gold to purchase the items of our dreams and constantly dying to the monsters that we just wished weren’t there. To take it a step further, we were also the players who constantly lose in a PvP. There are reasons why we have decided to put out our Diablo 3 Bots for free and that sole reason is to provide our fellow Diablo players with the gaming experience they deserve.

Many of you think that botting is cheating, therefore it takes the fun out of the game. Although this may be quite an argument, we strongly disagree with that claim. In games that involve PvP, players want their items to be the best and that no one else in the game has it. Most of the gamers out there are young adults ranging from the age of 13-21 therefore they have alot of time to grind and complete quests. Game developers nowadays target this specific age group and do not even consider making games that are a bit more convenient for the old generation gamers. We may get bad feedback for this but our team consists of men with family and priorities. We as a group in the gaming community do not have the time to sit on our computers to achieve levels that younger gamers can achieve. Therefore, we have released a bot that will be much more convenient to the gamers with bigger priorities but look for that small amount of time at night that they earned so that they can game.

As older generation gamers, we know what our peers need and want. Our Diablo 3 bot offers a huge amount of features such as gold grinding, quest grinding, and item grinding. The bot is designed so that players can adjust when they want their pots to be used, where in the map that they do not want to get involved with, and even set when they want their character to go and re-pot. These are main features of the Diablo 3 Bot and even offers a bit more. We tried our best as a team to maximize the simplicity of the bot so that our customers do not have to manually bypass through the server. After our bot is downloaded and opened, it will automatically bypass through the servers so that our fellow gamers do not have to go through the trouble to download a 3rd-party program.

Our bot works on most OS’s such as Mac, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We are trying our hardest to get the Diablo 3 Bot working on XP and will immediately update our fellow downloaders as long as this process follows through. We offer fast customer server so if you are having problems with making the bot work for you, just send us an email and we will get right back to you within 24 hours. If anyone is looking for a 100% working Diablo 3 Bot, look no more because you are guaranteed a working bot the moment you download. If under certain circumstances the bot is unable to comply with you, we offer free technical service and will help through the process using your desired remote desktop control programs such as teamviewer and logmein. We do hope you have a great experience with our Diablo 3 Bot and do hope that you have attained to the level you always wished you were at. Goodluck and happy botting!

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Save Time and Money?

In comparison to numerous other bots available on the internet, our bot is completely free and extremely easy to use. Our team has put in an enormous amount of time and effort into making botting in Diablo 3 as simple as possible. Ready for a little history lesson?

Botting was originated during the beginning of the internet so that hackers can automate repetitive tasks such as indexing websites and malicious spamming. Eventually it evolved to gamers. One of the simplest bots that were ever made were made by MDY industries. This bot was made for World of Warcraft. Being the first World of Warcraft bot, as known as “Glider”, it was rated as the most simple bot ever to be created.

With a few members of MDY Industries on our team, we have gradually shifted towards Diablo 3. Since Diablo 3 is much newer than World of Warcraft, creating a bot in which involves a couple of buttons is extremely tedious. Fortunately for our customers, we have managed to pull it off and is offering it for free to our fellow gamers.

Ultimately, instead of subscribing to a bot every month, download our Diablo 3 bot and you will no be disappointed. Our bot is free, easy to use, and does not take anymore than a couple seconds of your time to set up.

Detection Free

Our Diablo 3 Bot is undetectable as of 2013. Our bots are regularly being monitored and we are right on it as soon as the Diablo 3 patches are passed. This bot has an auto-bypass crypted script that will automatically bypass the servers. Most of the bots out there nowadays are manual-bypass. This meaning that the players themselves have to download a 3rd-party program and do it themselves.
With our bot, this whole process is done by itself. As soon as it is downloaded, the injector is automatically activated and the client is ready to be bypassed at the push of your mouse. If anyone of you is scared that this is a virus, feel free to scan and do whatever you would like to it. Our bot is gauranteed virus free and gauranteed 100% working as of the listed date.


Our Diablo 3 bot is fully customizable and extremely easy to use. In comparison with many other popular bots, our bot can easily be compared to Glider. Not only is our bot fully customizable but also completely free. As tested on the early stages of the bot, the bot will continue to stay running until a patch for Diablo 3 is set out by Blizzard.

Though it is completely easy to use, it only has a lot of features and options. You are able to adjust the amount of HP where you want to pot, adjust MP where you want to want to pot, and it even has an option where your character will go back into town to re-pot. With features such as these offered to you, you may be able to have the program on as long as you want.

Aside from potting options, here is now we talk about it main features and options that we have provided to you. With our bot you are able to circulate and grind on a map in which you desire and with our testing, it has proved to work up until a patch is set out. It also reroutes as soon as you have completed and grinded throughout the whole map. It also allows for you kill only monsters that you desire and even pick up items that you are looking for.

Dedicated support team, large botter community – both here to help you get started and excel.

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